A Mission Statement

Today’s question: Why are we here?

I don’t mean the planet in this universe, or the human race on this planet, or any of our roles in the human race’s unfolding tragicomedy. These questions have been beaten to an early death. You can take a community college Metaphysics course if you’re curious. I’m asking why Sam and I are on this particular corner of the internet.

I think I lost sight of this question for some time, and the quality suffered. The updates were there, sure, but they were either few in number or short on quality. Any longtime followers may have felt betrayed by that, and for that I’m sorry. The serious kind of sorry only an internet comedian can be.

To reclaim the sense of purpose that drove this monster in the halcyon days of high school dick jokes, I’ve taken to thinking about this question. I’ve found four answers:
-Satisfying my immense ego.
-Mocking the world at large.
-Creating something worthwhile.
-Satisfying my immense ego.

I’d like to fulfill these goals, and I think that MWT still has the potential to do so. So I’ll be making some changes. Things won’t be going in a different direction, just a more focused one: Original content. This means that reviews are going into the backseat, at least for now. I seem to be better suited for mocking things than analyzing them, which isn’t the best news for a Princeton English major. But you play with the cards you’re dealt. A fresh article will come out at least once a week.

In the spirit of DC Comics’ recent misadventures, I’m relaunching “Reloaded” as “Erratic Edits”. Every Saturday, you can load this website and find a comic bastardized by yours truly. Photoshop and I are getting married. I only wish that they’d published more Darkclaw.

After midterms in November, MWT TV is coming back as a monthly affair. It won’t, however, be a Nostalgia Critic rip-off. There are flooded markets, and then there’s Atlantis. I’m still juggling ideas, but I will definitely be returning to the video frontier. After all, reading is hard.

I’ve also roped two artists into collaborating on original comics in the future. One will start next month, and should follow a gag format. The other is more serious (by my standards) and should begin running later this year. I’m enormously excited for both, and look forward to letting down both illustrators.

Fiction updates will remain a random product of the gods’ whims and my imagination’s strength. Some things don’t change. Otherwise, the people would panic.

Stick around. You won’t be disappointed.

-Dennard Dayle
PS: Thanks to one Ms. Zhou for motivating me to leave the usual cloud of laziness and anger. This is no small feat.

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