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Extra Evil
The Dennard Dayle Newsletter
September 22,
“Bigger, Better, Meaner”


The U.N. showed teaser trailers for upcoming wars and institutional failures.

Chinese vendors openly violated American patents on real estate implosions.

French death machine makers morally betrayed by American death machine makers stealing an Australian death machine contract.

Activist partisans divided Americans over road-hauling people on horseback.

Snyder DC is back, bringing us one step closer to Wonder Woman vs. Sucker Punch.

Bipartisan police reform talks were found dead in a holding cell.

War Journal

When you read this, I’ll be thirty. It’s a lot like being twenty, only people listen while you spout nonsense. So far, I’m into it.

I might be jumping the gun on forty, but I think it’s time I pick up a prejudice or two. While my father was a high-tier antisemite, I think I’ll blaze my own trail with McCarthy-era fears and hatreds. Really take See More Evil in a “better dead than red” direction.


This year, I’ve finally cracked the secret to productivity. I just have to close my eyes and remember sneaking in the same amount of work during a meeting for an “public service advertorial.”

The Present

Feelin’ good.


I’ve added some designs from my vaccine pranks to the merch store. Buying stuff from it makes you easier to love.


Weeaboo Hell is off this week, because of the aforementioned birthday liver failure. For now, enjoy part two of our “Imitative Fallacy” game. It contains more thinky-brain-words than usual.

The Past

This short and simple McSweeney’s piece is around the point I stopped drowning in failure. I like that. Hopefully you enjoy the actual content too, but I’m more interested in its historical role.

The Future

Boy, I sure do talk about that book of mine a lot. You should preorder it here, and learn what all the hullabaloo is about.


I lucked into getting a short into a very, very pleasing magazine. I should be able to share it with you nice people in a week or two.

One Sentence Reviews

The Tattooed Soldier: One deuteragonist is doing all the heavy lifting. (3/5)

Black Dynamite: Please forgive me for waiting this long to watch this movie. (5/5)

HIST 119: The Civil War and Reconstruction Era, 1845-1877: If my next book makes a lick of human sense, thank David Blight. (5/5)

Dark Side of the Ring: Plane Ride From Hell: Interesting interviewees and a salient topic overcome inexplicable Tru-TV style soundtrack and presentation. (4/5)

Signing off

Thanks for reading Extra Evil, the newsletter that will destroy the Batman.


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