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Introducing Extra Evil, the only newsletter. I’ll put it out once a week to keep our marriage strong.

Today’s Fortune: Don’t trust that package.

Extra Evil

The Dennard Dayle Newsletter
August 20, 2021
“First Volley”


Afghanistan’s been better.

Vaccine ID protests are spreading in New York. They’re fun to watch, from a distance.

A Boston Dynamics robot now does parkour. Don’t look for it, it’ll find you.

CM Punk will be newsworthy again by the time you read this.

ICU beds in six states are almost entirely filled with freedom.

In 2029, Japan’s bringing lunar soil samples back to what’s left of Earth.

War Journal

I’ve tapped out of open mics, since the plague is revving up again. But I visited enough to catch the mood. It was a relief: however many people or cities burn, our clowns focus on Tinder. That consistency keeps me sane.

Whatever happens to my career or nation, I’ll have that comfort. Knowing somewhere above or below the ruins, the last comic is bombing.


My leg’s almost done healing. I haven’t talked about it on the site/podcast/cardboard soapbox, but my right calf recently gave up under the stress of walking across the street. Once I can run, jump, and kick again, I’m going to punish it with twice the breakdancing. That’s not sarcasm.


I’m writing. It’s fun to do, but dull to describe. Just imagine variations of me giggling in the corner of a library, drawing glares from graduate students.

The Present

On this week’s Weeaboo Hell, we talked about Bleach’s one-shot revival. It’s a thin bag of nonsense, which makes me nostalgic.

The Past

Did you know McDonald’s has a gospel festival? And it’s exactly as demented as you’re imagining? I learned the viking way. It’s one of my strangest family memories.

Read a younger me’s description here. What I lacked in nuance, I made up for in word count.

The Future

The countdown on my other channels isn’t a misdirect: I have another stunt/prank/overt crime coming. And against all odds, the materials are on time. Mostly. One gag’s stuck with UPS.

More on that later. I’m hoping I won’t get arrested, but I’m not certain.


Everything Abridged (my first print collection) is on track to come out in April, unless a meteor hits. I’m proud of it. If you like anything else I’ve done, you’ll like it more. In fact, you might accuse me of half-assing the other stuff.

One Sentence Reviews

Loki: Add a point if you’ve never seen Doctor Who. (3/5)

Cruelty Squad: More games need to intentionally look like Paint 3D melting. (5/5)

The Last Siege: I’m just here for the stabbing. (4/5)

Bleach: No Breaths From Hell: My favorite failure returns. (2/5)

Signing off

Thanks for reading Extra Evil, the slowest declining part of the empire.

-Dennard Dayle / Blind Monkey

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