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Today’s Fortune: Keep trying, or you’ll have to sit through a dozen speeches about perseverance.

Extra Evil
The Dennard Dayle Newsletter
November 10,
“Handstand Walking on a Treadmill”


New Zealand’s sea lions are back, and delicious.

Columbine-era audio of the NRA high-fiving has leaked.

COP26 added box seating for Exxon reps.

Democrats duped Democrats into passing a law, to the chagrin of Democrats.

Digital clothes are bringing piracy to fashion.

Eternals joined the list of culture-war proxy battlefields.

War Journal

I wonder if I’m presenting myself the right way. I’ve always been a fan of distance. Haughty tones, assumed identities, work dropped off in the middle of a blizzard. You can tell from when I went by Blind Monkey, and did most public-facing work under that name.

Writing “for real” (for money, really) tends to demand the opposite. You ring the social bells every day, and the masters reward you with attention, which you then try to convert into audience/sales/functioning self-esteem.

I’m not railing against modernity. Just hoping that I, personally, haven’t lost something. Though there is a little cowboy appeal to antagonizing the mayor under my government name.


I just bought all the Fallout: New Vegas DLC. Back to the wretched life of a stealth archer I go.

The Present

Busy week. But first, let’s talk the Weeaboo Hell delay. Some unfortunate real-world events fell onto our duo over the last two weeks, making a timely episode impossible. One is coming, around the weekend. Just chalk the delay up to the general aura of global chaos.


Climate Apocalypse Survival Tips, my long awaited collaboration with Jake Lane, is out. I’ve coated New York City with these stickers, to the likely chagrin of people preferring stronger vandalism laws. Sorry.


I wrote a Squid Game riff on Points in Case. Read it, and turn the letters into laughter.


An interview about my election pranks ran in the New Yorker, and I’m still a huge fan of it.

The Past

I took a look around for my earliest externally published piece (college magazines don’t count) . Turns out it’s this nonsense, which I put together for the Hard Times.

The Future

Have I mentioned I have a book coming? Because I do. Buy it twice if you love me.


I’ve got a fun article coming in Slackjaw. It’s also revenge, which is nice.


I have another small breakthrough, appearing somewhere surprising. Keep your ears to the ground (I call my website “the ground”).

One Sentence Reviews

Black Lagoon: Vol. 1-5: We don’t deserve it. (5/5)

Batman vs. Two-Face: Come expecting to laugh at it, and leave laughing with it. (3.5/5)

Gal Cleaning: I had to know. (1/5)

The Hunter’s Guild: Red Hood: It’s easier to stay alive in prison than Shonen Jump. (2/5)

Bloodsport: A testosterone injection to the eyeball. (4.5/5)

Signing off

Thanks for reading Extra Evil, the newsletter that mixes all your recycling together.


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