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Today’s Fortune: Love can heal anything, except what comes next.

Extra Evil
The Dennard Dayle Newsletter
March 9, 2022

“La Vie en Poser”


Substack painted a dumber picture of war than TikTok.

Doja Cat became the first /v/ poster in the Billboard Top 5.

Pinin and Lolita were renamed “Freedom Words.”

An in-depth study found the torching of the Amazon “sub-optimal.”

The House is poised to go the way of all flesh.

War Journal

My late mother’s been on my mind again. Less in the “it’s not fair, and I will have my revenge on the towers of man” way, and more in the “I wonder what she’d say” way. At the very least, I know she’d look at my new job and book and say to get it together.


My knee’s on strike. I tried to get a few Pinkertons to knock it around, but now it works even more poorly.


When it comes to fiction, I don’t write much about real people in my life. This is less of an artistic rule, and more because very few of them are comical con men or crime-fighting ninjas. But for the first time in about three years, I have something coming out based on a romantic experience. She wasn’t a vigilante ninja either, which is probably why it didn’t last.


Elden Ring almost ruined my life. Thankfully, the PC port blows.

The Present

A new Weeaboo Hell should be up this weekend. We got interrupted by life and ham-handed union busting attempts. But our march to the sea endures.


Who got the best Batman joke into a print news outlet? Me. Dennard.

 The Past

I have a soft spot for those deeply, deeply stupid Darkclaw edits I made.

The Future

I wrote a book called Everything Abridged. It’s everything, abridged.


The loading bar on the documentary inches along.


No word on the posters.


Inching along my new prank idea. It’s a bit more Dennard Classic than the last one.

One Sentence Reviews

Low (Vol 1. & 2) Rick Remender doesn’t whiff. (4.5/5)

The Scumbag: But he does graze. (3/5)

The Batman: Offers the soundtrack we want for Batman, and the unstable malcontent Bruce we need. (4/5)

Veep (Season One): Insults are their own medium. (4/5)

Signing off

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