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Today’s Fortune: Ideas are recyclable.


Madison Cawthorne misspelled”provocateur” on his resume.

Netflix pivoted to video stores.

Survivors of the party civil wars limped to podiums.

A white nationalist mass shooter rehashed a stale genre.

Ringling Brothers replaced starving animals with starving humans.

The perfect book is a week away.

War Journal

Remember penicillin.

It’s easy to get wrapped up in sadwank about modernity, or which part of the imperial life cycle you were born in. But you’re also around in an era with an abundance of penicillin. Which you want nearby when things go south.

Penicillin is also, implicitly, a type of warning. A reminder that latex is more trustworthy than people.

Remember penicillin.


I’ve been on a heavy metal binge.  The reviews don’t reflect that, since I like to let albums percolate for a while. But it’s been distortion and screaming for days.


I’ve launched There Is No CIA, a new stunt/prank/defacement of public property. I’d normally stick that news in “The Present,” but I want to make sure you see it.

Especially this dumb, dumb, beautiful “documentary.” The truth is out there.

The Present

My second and best 1-900-HOTDOG article is up. I highly recommend it.


This Clarkesworld Interview makes me sound human.


Get a preview of Everything Abridged  over in The Baffler. It’s funny.


Remember when I sent this out? Still funny.

The Past

My first 1-900-HOTDOG article was awesome too.

The Future

Buying Everything Abridged preserves the human spirit.


I’ll be on a fancy literary site next week.


Patience on the video project (it’s not the fake documentary above). Patience.

One Sentence Reviews

Katt Williams – World War 3: Evolving his style from lackwit to midwit. (2/5)

Stormkeep – Tales of Othertime: I think there are d20’s in my DNA. (4/5)

Horror of Pestilence – Illiterate Construction: Precocious deathcore. (3/5)

Karmantic – Lethality: I’m starting to think people are a bit depressed. (3/5)

Arcade Fire – We: Nah, that’s crazy. (3/5)

Everything Abridged: Light in book form. (5/5)

Open Question

What would you call your band?

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