Operation: Wakandan Freedom

Reloaded Comics returns, with an edit of the Black Panther’s first appearance. It’s an odd one.

Source Comic: Fantastic Four Vol. 1, Number 52

Thoughts on the Original: Amusing enough. Wakanda’s a very out of the box idea, and certainly plays to the team’s strengths as “explorers of the unknown” or what-have-you. The “Most Dangerous Game” plot setup is a little familiar, but I think you have to forgive a bit of that for a monthly adventure.

-Blind Monkey

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2 thoughts on “Operation: Wakandan Freedom

    1. I’m down for a good game of worshipball, I’ll see to it this weekend. Alert the men.

      (In defense of the hiatus, that thing is 400 pages long, and I had to finish grad school.)

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