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Today’s Fortune:  You are what you eat. Only eat people you admire.


Herschel Walker went to a nice farm family upstate.

Peru had this week’s coup attempt.

Germany also had this week’s coup attempt.

Pre-litigating primaries is even more popular than re-litigating them.

Theranos’ COO should have tried lawyer blood.

China opened a rocket launch to barbarians.

Today’s Mood

War Journal

Full disclosure: I never watched Agents of Shield. But I’m  incapable of seeing the picture above without laughing. It’s hard-coded into my disposition. Husbands disappoint you, presidents lie, and I laugh at primetime TV misfires.

A lot of years in review out there! I’ve been ducking doing one. I enjoy them, I just assume that introspection ends in learning I’m a replicant.

Maybe later.

Are you familiar with the Babylon Bee? The extremely defensive reactionary knockoff of The Onion?

Well, that’s all the data you need. I made a parody. It replaced sleep.

i just wrapped up my second semester of teaching. It’s more rewarding than I expected. I’m having a good time with the students and management, which are the two parts everyone warns you about. I may survive this world yet.

I do worry about falling into arrested development. I don’t want to be the undergrad version of that teacher that clearly wishes they were still in high school. If that happens, I’ll take off my professor costume and walk into the snow.

I should be fine. I had a miserable run in undergrad.

Hope you’re doing alright.

The Present

The aforementioned Babylon Bee parody.

What the hell’s a Vegemorph? Find out now.

 Welcome to life as a seven.

I hope you brought a pencil The one and only true satire test is here.

Funny man write funny book.

The Past

My previous round of Christmas humor.

The Future

There’s a fun project in the chamber for next year. No one’s told me not to talk about it, but common sense tells me not to talk about it. I may have a complete set of social skills by 2030.

I may or may not have another Amran Gowani crossover coming.

I do. I wouldn’t say it if I didn’t. Weird move, really.

This month’s 1-900-HOTDOG column is…different.

One Sentence Reviews

Danger Mouse & Black Thought – Cheat Codes: Embrace your backpack. (3.5/5)

Manifest Destiny, Vol. 1: Walking a tightrope between brilliant and stupid. (3/5)

Romesh Ranganathan – The Cynic: Exists. (2.5/5)

Manifest Destiny, Vol. 2: It hasn’t fallen off yet. (3/5)

Snotgirl Vol. 3: Staring at a shoe and waiting for it to drop. (2.5/5)

Slaughterhouse Five: Once again, I become Salieri. (5/5)

She-Hulk (Season One): Wild oscillations between joy, mediocrity, and failure. (?/5)

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