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Today’s Fortune: Don’t look behind you.

Extra Evil
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December 29,
“No Resolutions”


A judge ordered New York City to expand accessible signals for blind jaywalkers.

The January 6th committee sent invitations to their anniversary party.

Hospitalizations rose to near-peak levels of freedom.

Amazon agreed to stop using union reps as rocket fuel.

The James Webb Telescope has escaped the planet before the end.

There’s a Doom Mod where you snapshot NFTs. That’s not a joke, it’s just an amazing gag I consider worthy of national news.

War Journal

That’s done. Does Valentine’s Day have jingles yet? Most pop songs are about love, but a proper jingle needs to shout the holiday’s name in every line of the chorus. It’s in Hershey’s best interest to get on this.


I finished my nostalgia run of New Vegas, and immediately started a new one. This time I modded everything to the gills, in an attempt to create something unrecognizable. On the whole, I’m deeply impressed with what the community’s achieved.

Particularly the crash fixes. Mostly the crash fixes. Thank God for the crash fixes.


It’s been a big year for me. A nightmare vortex for civilization, but the view is nice on the ground. Thanks for the support that made my extremely distorted perspective possible.

The Present

Another New Yorker article? More likely than I thought or hoped. This time it’s a riff on university admissions, titled Here’s My Soul in 600 Words or Less. It’s dope.

While you’re there, read “I, The Spirit of Christmas, Cannot be Stopped.” I think it has the juice.

The Past

Did we need a Twitter account about someone trapped in Steve Bannon’s murder shed? I thought so.

The Future

In four months, Everything Abridged will be on bookshelves. I’ll spend that entire gap destroying my reputation.


DaVinci Resolve was invented to torture me. Video crawling along.


Interesting posters on the horizon. As a reward for actually reading these, here’s the skinny: they’re riffs on “CRT” bans. We’ll see how it goes.


Gag comic limping along. Expecting a January launch.

One Sentence Reviews

Mo Amer – Mohammed in Texas: A soft second half elevated by a uniquely energetic opening. (3.5/5)

Jimmy Carr – His Dark Material: A comedian kind enough to do the laughing for you. (2/5)

Nicole Byer – Big Beautiful Weirdo: When life gives you lemons, make them your entire special. (1.5/5)

Russell Howard – Lubricant: It takes a bit to get somewhere, but it gets somewhere. (3/5)

Blazing Saddles: I don’t know how I went this long without seeing it either. (5/5)

Signing off

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