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Today’s Fortune: The hills are out of gold.

Extra Evil
The Dennard Dayle Newsletter
December 8,
“Simple Pleasures”


A black box in Tasmania is collecting climate change data for future civilizations to ignore.

Putin’s started rearranging Ukranian furniture for better flow.

The monkey bubble hasn’t burst yet.

Biden remains divided on packing the court vs. sleeping in.

Peng Shuai is fine, stop asking.

Killer whales are popping up in new places, and we probably deserve it.

War Journal

The words are coming a little more easily this week. I’d like to credit discipline or maturity, yet I suspect it has more to due with the caffeine I’ve been mainlining out of boredom. Either way, you’ll enjoy the results in coming weeks/months.


This is an extremely shallow topic, but this newsletter’s free: my weight’s back down to my abs. I don’t think they’ve seen light since last year’s apocalypse, and the stress-eating that kept me from falling into an extremist group or News Corp job. Fitness is a minor superpower in literary circles, where people think push-ups hurt your prose.


I’m still retreading Fallout: New Vegas. I wonder if this franchise will ever bottle lightning like this again. Not just because of the decay of Bethesda’s ability to walk in a straight line without adding microtransactions. Modern demands for high-fidelity in every inch seem to be anathema to making a game of this scope well. Alas.

The Present

I wrote a love letter to Bluehost’s brand of evil in Slackjaw.


This week on Weeaboo Hell, we explored yelling at clouds in a medium driven by executives older than us and customers younger than us. It’s a very fun episode.


Still putting up the last few Climate Apocalypse Survival Tips stickers. And I promise I’ll put up the gallery of them in the wild before civilization turns into dust.

The Past

What’s more fun than pranks? Watching Rupert Murdoch’s empire react to them.

The Future

In April, Everything Abridged is going to change our lives. Well, mostly mine. But you’ll enjoy it.


We’re in art explorations for the gag comic. A very ad agency term for a much more fulfilling process, but my old habits are etched into me.


Considering how long this video’s going to take to put together, I’m not even sure I should keep putting updates here. It’s like having a section dedicated to watching carbon decay.

One Sentence Reviews

Mox: The best book I’m convinced was dictated instead of written. (3.5/5)

Archspire – Bleed the Future: Unlistenable for the majority of people alive, the tech-death badge of honor. (4/5)

Pistol Whip: Play Pistol Whip. (5/5)

Hinge: Mechanically determines and drip-feeds your type. (2.5/5)

Tinder: Reeks of Friendster. (1.5/5)

Coffee Meets Bagel: Reeks of despair. (2/5)

Bumble: Finally, a more progressive Friendster. (2/5)

Signing off

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