Hopefully Mankind Can Avoid This Totally Sweet Cyberpunk Dystopia

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I live in hell. But it’s not too late for you.

You can avoid making NeoKatanas, self-wielding swords that make anyone an untamable ronin.

You can spare Newark from becoming Zero City, a teeming metropolis where disease is a memory and adventure lurks around every corner.

You can have a world without MindHackers, technopathic outlaws living free in the margins of Zero City. Like me.

You can skip inventing Hellions, android bounty hunters that test the skills of any MindHacker. They wear black cowboy hats.

You can never befriend Jocasta, a rogue Hellion with a human heart and razor wit to match. Her gun has a Brooklyn accent.

You can stop the rise of the Vulcan Foundation, the shadowy conglomerate behind MindHackers, NeoKatanas, Hellions, anti-cancer spray, indestructible bones, and 6G cell service.

You can thwart Lucas Vulcan, the rogue trillionaire planning to merge humanity into one 6G intelligence, without having a NeoKatana duel in the rain.

You can turn away from Chariots, thorium-powered motorcycles that unfold out of palm-sized cubes.

You can avoid a fallen government incapable of enforcing motorcycle racing bans.

You can never create Persephone, the process that resurrects Lucas Vulcan in the prime of his youth. Along with anyone else that dies within Zero City limits. Our hell has no end, other than voluntary euthanasia.

You can avoid courting Minerva Vulcan, the half-MindHacker, half-Hellion heir to the Vulcan fortune. No one knows what side she’s really on.

You can never eat Nano-Yums, milk chocolate-coated raisins filled with nanites that boost your gut bacteria.

This doesn’t have to be your future.

Just keep drilling and praying, and you’ll save us all.

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