Extra Evil – Even More Evil

Week 3 of my newsletter. That’s mean’s it’s graduated from “random impulse” to “project.”

Today’s Fortune: You’ll be acquitted after a small cash gift.

Extra Evil
The Dennard Dayle Newsletter
September 1,
“Even More Evil”


Greg Abbot doesn’t want anyone else using their lower half either.

Amazon’s expanding, presumably into other timelines.

You’re probably infected.

NASA’s space gun makes us more prepared for an asteroid hitting in 200 years than the flooding hitting tomorrow.

The Sacklers recieved immunity from future lawsuits, lone gunmen, and weighings of the heart.

War Journal

If the New York subways worked, this newsletter wouldn’t exist. Consider the butterfly effect.

I’d never have been angry enough to make Love Letters from the MTA, the prank I’ve rehashed six or so times.

Therefore, I’d never have gotten the advertising job that let me afford servers or food.

Therefore, no See More Evil.

Therefore, bipedal roaches would rule the Earth, torturing us talking monkeys for fun.

Send Cuomo your thanks. He’ll appreciate it.


The first version of this newsletter got eaten by a site error. I’m now in a pissy mood.

The Present

I’ve added a banner variation of the most popular line from: “Side Effects Include Survival.

It’s doing surprisingly well. Which is to say, local reactionaries have thrown a shitfit. Any death threats are fine, as long as they remember to credit me.


Spotify and Apple updates for Weeaboo Hell were down this week, but I finally yelled at enough people to get them going. Just in time for our second book reports episode. In which I, unlike Sam, actually read a book.

The Past

“Own Goal” is a story about…describing it pretty much spoils it. Are you allured by the mystery? I would be.

The Future

The preview page for Everything Abridged  is up. This book’s the best thing I’ve ever done, so I sorta recommend it.


I wrote a new short story, and it’s good. Let’s see if I can find a loving home for it.


Two followup short-term stunts on the vaccine theme are on track. Okay, one’s on track, and the other is sitting in my living room as a pile of untouched materials. But the idea is finished.

One Sentence Reviews

The Old Guard: The aughts action film, preserved in amber and teleported into an unsuspecting future. (3/5)

Low, Vol. 5: A fantastic finale focused on hope, the series’ strangest science fiction concept. (5/5)

Snotgirl, Vol. 1: Energetic, but I’m not convinced O’Malley’s been within a half-mile of a fashion blogger. (3/5)

Into the Breach: The next book might be late. (5/5)

Signing off

Thanks for reading Extra Evil, the newsletter trained and funded by the CIA.