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Extra Evil
The Dennard Dayle Newsletter
February 23, 2022

“Nuke-Proof Shed”


Russia declared Ukraine smaller.

China banned price-fixing algorithms, guaranteeing fair prices in every work camp.

Germany plans to replace Russian gas with optimism.

Wildfires announced a world tour.

Ahmaud Arbery’s killers cancelled their world tour.

Text your Mom before the first bomb drops.

War Journal

I’m still infatuated with Sifu. For all the autopilot Dark Souls comparisons from a dumb press and dumber public, it’s much less about patience and much more about letting the spirit of Khorne, Chaos God of Blood and Warfare, flow through you.

I’m well acquainted with Khorne.


Teaching’s improving. I think I’ll be an effective educator by 2030, which is exciting. Until then, I’ll assume my course reviews say “He tried.”


Remember when graphics cards existed? That was a fun trend. I hope it comes back into fashion before I become an effective educator.


I’ll betray a cosmic level of self-centeredness here: my mood’s pretty buoyant this week. The podcast is back running, and a few of the projects I’ve been chipping at for a while are starting to show movement. The others are completely inert, but my eyes follow motion like a Hollywood dinosaur.

The Present

Weeaboo Hell is back. Unfortunately, so is whatever’s happening with Sasuke. Personally, if I sprouted hand-shaped wings, I’d be too embarrassed to fight anyone.


Forget my last new New Yorker piece. I have a new new New Yorker piece. This one’s in the print issue, which means I get the top hat from the logo.

Jokes aside, it’s my favorite of the shorts they’ve taken so far.


That said, my last New Yorker piece was all kinds of fun.


I distributed some valuable advice in McSweeney’s.

 The Past

It’s been just long enough that the Climate Survival Tips count for this section.

The Future

Curious how to contend with the chaotic whorl of modernity? Everything Abridged has every answer you need to thrive. None to survive, but you seem likes smart people. You’ll figure that out.


Video project one looks fantastic.


Video project two is getting there.

One Sentence Reviews

Peacemaker: Made of charm. (4/5)

The Woods, Vol. 1: Works in broad strokes, wobbly from speech bubble to speech bubble. (3/5)

The Harder They Fall: Stylishly done, if impressed with itself. (3.5/5)

Fistful of Vengeance: Iko Uwais is fantastic, but he’s not a miracle worker. (2/5)

The Tattooed Soldier: War might not be fun. (4.5/5)

Candy Hearts: I’m not too good for a gag strip collection. (3/5)

Signing off

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