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Today’s Fortune: Patriotism is religion with shittier holidays.

Extra Evil
The Dennard Dayle Newsletter
February 2, 2022

“Self-Harm Guru”


Southern states banned the full cast of “The Pianist.”

The Enron NFT project is around the corner.

The famous host of the roach-eating contest isn’t a health expert.

White reporters described Eric Adams’ anime club-level awkwardness as swagger.

Putin asked Ukraine to talk outside the club.

Whoopi Goldberg proved we should keep Maus in schools.

War Journal

Terrible news: I teach now. The corruption radiating from me has been passed on to your children, who will poison the world at large in turn. Remember this as the beginning of the end.

Specifically, I’m teaching creative writing to undergrads at Columbia. I did my master’s there, so it’s a nice circular moment.


I wrote a long humor piece for an outlet that can’t use it. Normally I’d be salty, but now I’m considering dipping my toes into video essays. The script would be a decent foundation for it, and it’s a topic with some popular interest. That said, I’m pretty sure gaining traction on YouTube at the moment takes magic, seed money, or incriminating photos. I’ve only got the photos, so we’ll see.


The New York Times made a one-off gerrymandering game, and it’s depressingly easy. I think they should put out a map every week, like a version of Wordle for a dying empire.


I’ve got a lot of “Square peg, round hole” unpublished work piling up. I’m thinking of starting some kind of PatreonStackKofi follower thing for that. Or just putting it all in a pile and burning it. Any advice on that front is welcome.

The Present

On Weeaboo Hell, our reread of Naruto is hitting its stride. I promise I’ll stop making fun of Sasuke’s dialogue eventually, but today is not that day.


I wrote a current events riff on McSweeney’s, titled “The Cure for White Replacement.” Sometimes, I like to throw a rock in the pond and see how many birds fly out.

 The Past

Since I’m back in McSweeney’s, let’s take a look at my last guest post there.

The Future

Everything Abridged inches closer to becoming reality. For those of you that are here for Fist of the North Star jokes, it’s my book. I think you’d enjoy it.


This Friday, I have a New Yorker Daily Shout coming guaranteed to add some extra fire to my inbox. Looking forward to it.


Insane Nonsense From Broken Minds limps towards reality. I’m a big fan of the artist’s style, and willingness to draw the horrors I write down.

One Sentence Reviews

Aye, and Gomorrah…: Samuel Delany reminds me who I could be if I stopped drinking. (4.5/5)

AEW: Beach Break: John Moxley reminds me of who I could be if I stopped drinking. (4/5)

Push: Sapphire reminds me why I drink. (1.5/5)

Signing off

Thanks for reading Extra Evil, the newsletter that shot the sheriff.


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