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Extra Evil
The Dennard Dayle Newsletter
April 13, 2022

“Smoking Rewards Program”


Normalcy returned to New York.

Grooming joined the list of words melted into nothing.

Morbius made more than 15 of Jared Leto’s dollars.

France weighed the status quo against eating a bowl of live wasps.

Sri Lanka remains encircled by repo vans.

The rain forest is now more of a rain grove.

War Journal

My newsletter app ate the first draft of this section. What you get will be significantly moodier.


I spent a lot of time with keyboards and flagons this week. It reminded me of trust fund classmates shouting “work hard, play hard” before puking into a bush and crying about an ex.

That’s an odd cliche. I prefer Doug Stanhope’s “Excess in Moderation.” There’s more satisfaction to doing something insane once a month than punching into a weekly habit.

Though I can’t talk. I used to play Hearthstone.


There’s a tangible cloud of shittiness across the city today. Rest easy knowing that as the gyre of madness widens, our leadership is steadfast in making it worse. I think there’s a proposal to nest tiny cops inside of the large ones.


I’ve been thinking about Thank You for Smoking, one of my favorite films growing up (and in the present). Lobbyists are a fascinating species of fungus, and while there’s more than enough nonfiction about them, there may be more room for narrative.

The Present

Tickets are up for my book launch. Come on over.


I have more than a few opinions. This prank tapped them.


Slight delay on Apocalypse Polis, the current mock text adventure. Life finds a way to get in the way.


Every op-ed page is still a failure.


The Dayle Bail Fund Patreon lives.

 The Past

With the new wave making waves, let’s look back at Spreadcon.

The Future

Everything Abridged is saving the world of letters, May 24th.


Some guest writing coming out elsewhere, which I’m excited for. Including reflections on three of the oddest books in my arsenal.


Hammering out some new stunt ideas.


The video project crawls along.

One Sentence Reviews

Everything, Everywhere, All At Once: Yup, mad I didn’t make it. (5/5)

The Nazi and the Barber: Edgar Hilsenrath was on one. (5/5)

Are You My Mother?: People should be raised by robots. (4/5)

Veep (Season Four): I can’t stop. (4.5/5)

Signing off

Thanks for reading Extra Evil, the newsletter that hasn’t seen that Netflix show yet.


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