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Extra Evil
The Dennard Dayle Newsletter
October 27,


Booster arguments are now available near you.

President Manchin continues to weigh his options.

Newly-evolved tuskless elephants have betrayed ivory entrepreneurs.

Steven Donziger is still illegally imprisoned.

Kyle Rittenhouse’s trial judge approved calling victims “live game.”

Some jerk is messing with the new mayor.

War Journal

A positive change is setting in. I’m getting a little faster on my feet, both figuratively and literally. It makes me wonder how much of the last four years I spent on autopilot. While fixating on lost time is fun, I’d rather focus on the fact that I, like measles, am back.


My intifada with Bluehost is over: I’ve officially switched to a service that breathes air instead of disgrace. It’s a good feeling. Enjoy the website loading more quickly than the half-life of a star.

The Present

Only an idiot would antagonize the incoming mayor of New York City. I’m an idiot. Exclusive Election Endorsements are back, as a special welcoming gift to Tammany Hall.


I got a little bit too much NFT spam, and ended up making this mini-parody. I’ll fill it out a little more the next time I feel like pitching my laptop through the window.

The Past

The October 18th New Yorker is technically the past, right? Because I’m in that. You should read it.

The Future

You know who has a book coming? Me. If you don’t preorder it, I’ll cry until it gets awkward.


Keep your eyes open Monday.


My collaboration with illustrator Jake Lane inches forward.

One Sentence Reviews

Roast Battle, Season One: Great battles rendered nearly unwatchable by constant interruptions and celebrity guests. (2/5)

Squid Game: If you have a point and let yourself have fun, it’s hard to screw up the death game formula. (4/5)

Supermega, Vol. 1: The best genre love letters are by people willing to tapdance on the genre’s face. (4.5/5)

Nocterra, Vol. 1: A sack race between the well-worn and inventive. (3/5)

Signing off

Thanks for reading Extra Evil, the newsletter getting too big for its boots.


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