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Extra Evil
The Dennard Dayle Newsletter
February 9, 2022

“Undead Weight”


You’ll get a nicer uniform if you join the army before the shooting starts.

Deer can get Omicron, but Bambi’s mom says it’s just a cold.

Vaccine protests disrupted Canadian traffic, trade, and stereotypes.

The DC sniper is aiming for a shorter sentence, but it’s a tough target.

A stand-up civil war featured weak punchlines on both sides.

The Olympics are probably underway.

War Journal

On the above, I wish I could say I was taking some kind of stand. But I don’t track the Olympics that closely, or at all. It’s a hole in my “pop culture octopus” brand, that I like to think I make up for by owning a book by Batista.


No really, I own a book by Batista. I got it from The Center for Fiction back when low wages felt like a feature of art. Which they are, but more in the way that cold sores are a feature of love.

The writing isn’t exactly War and Peace, or even The Great Butter Battle. That said, I found his life (or at least the directly and heavily filtered version of his life) interesting. Especially compared to working. Labor can’t compete with a single father trying to become a pro-wrestler.


I wish that online dating weren’t the most played out topic in humor. I have a morbid fixation on it broadly and my own high-grade screwups in particular, but typing out the first morpheme of a joke on the topic would get me sent to hack jail. Not my scene. I could never carry a conversation with Tim Dillon.


I think that, at the moment, I may have more perspective issues than problems. That’s an easy line to feed my superego, but the other two told me to fuck off.


Twitstagram promised a public journal, and I mostly self-promote there. Newsletters promised self-promotion, and I mostly journal here. I think I’m doing something wrong.

The Present

My New Yorker riff on critical race theory bans still makes me smile.


My other new baby, The Cure for White Replacement is more popular at school, but I prefer its sibling.


In more frustrating news: Weeaboo Hell is on hiatus. The long and short of it: I felt all the non-recording work was dumped on my lap. Which is difficult, when the work outside recording is almost everything.

 The Past

This old Points in Case riff is pretty true to my publishing life.

The Future

Everything Abridged is inevitable. It cannot be stopped or destroyed. It is the future of this backwater you call reality.


On the horizon, I have a feature slot in something fun. You’ll enjoy it.


The video project limps toward the sunset. It’ll get there.

One Sentence Reviews

Rolling the R’s: Genuinely freeing. (4/5)

Driftglass (collection): Maybe if I grow Delany’s beard I’ll get his ideas. (4.5/5)

Bring Back Apu: A natural connection with the audience brought down by culture war fixations and a tendency toward the easy joke. (2.5/5)

Baby Driver: I recommend a third or fourth date before throwing your life away for a customer at your diner, but I’m also single. (4/5)

Signing off

Thanks for reading Extra Evil, the newsletter that became a beautiful butterfly.


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