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Today’s Fortune:  You have four minutes to escape.


Josh Hawley can run a decent mile.

The oracle bones demanded higher interest rates.

Russia exited a symbol of goodwill and cooperation for some reason.

New York airports gave up.

The WHO upgraded Monkeypox from “ignore” to “castigate minority.”

Monkeys attacked 42 humans in Yamaguchi, and that doesn’t need punch-up.

War Journal

I wonder what it’s like to be Garth Ennis at this specific moment. Reception of his caustic mode tends to rise and fall with trends he has no control over (irony, hope, TV rights). As someone that’s read him from an age I wasn’t allowed to, I’m glad his appeal’s at a peak. Though that level of general misanthropy probably means we’ll be rioting again soon.


I think it’s nice to have something to suck at. That’s part of the draw of breakdancing (since 2010) and skateboarding (since yesterday) for me. There’s no universe where I make it to the finals of a headspin contest. But I can work, and progress, without pressure.

The best part? It’s not hard to find something to suck at. It’s the default human state.


I liked Artpop. There’s a trend of pop fanbases starting intifadas over panned albums, so I’ll leave it there. But I liked Artpop.


It’d be nice to present as an invincible God-Emperor of Art. But the arrest back in May rattled me for a spell. Just long enough to throw off my plans for a “Summer Offensive” of pranks/stunts/pleas for attention. I’m feeling fresher now. But not vengeful in any way, and a future prank won’t be about the NYPD. Yup.

The Present

The New Yorker ran my polite, hate-free thoughts on Originalism.


Ever wondered what dating a well-read clown is like? Look no further.


I got to write a 1-900-HOTDOG exclusive about whatever you call i tell c


You can save America by buying Everything Abridged, the last book.

The Past

I still get a laugh out of my cure for racial anxiety.

The Future

I, like the planet, am cured of COVID forever. Weeaboo Hell soonish.


Shopping some A/V material around. We’ll see how it goes.


Two New Yorker volleys remain in suspended animation.


I just submitted my favorite 1-900-HOTDOG column.

One Sentence Reviews

Caliban: A nice sequential art cover of Alien. (4/5)

Nikki Glaser – Good Clean Filth: What number do I give a special where I absolutely loved one joke and hated the rest? (Dunno/5)

Open Question

How will I die?

Signing off

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