Flaying Detainees Alive Was A National Security Necessity

MWT CIA flayed man

From the desk of Agent Redacted,

Armchair generals are quick to pass judgment on the CIA for flaying prisoners. These bleeding hearts (figuratively, unlike facility six detainees) have no grasp of operational reality. Skinning suspected enemies alive provided an essential tactical edge in multiple scenarios, contrary to multiple misleading reports from Congress. A fair retrospective of Bush-era flaying by the CIA cannot ignore the national security benefits of Operation Dermal Quilting.

CIA operatives need every tactical tool available to keep the American people safe. Sometimes this means spying on our allies. At other times, this means hoisting the remains of suspected terrorists on pikes surrounding an Iraqi village. The intelligence gathered through these methods is one of the only barriers between Boston and a sea of atomic fire. Idealism doesn’t prevent attacks. Flensing knives do.

Congressional insurgents would have you believe that intelligence is a simple matter, something any amateur can coordinate with clean hands.  This is an untenable insult to the brave men, women, and fleshreapers of the CIA. Critics are quick to forget that CIA agents hold our futures in their hands and coiled, whip-like appendages.

9/11 was a wake-up call for the agency. It was no longer enough to discreetly flay a Banana Republic revolutionary once a year, under the moon of the winter solstice. That was the old war. To keep America safe we needed skin. Lots of skin. Skin in sheets and quilts and tents and sails. All the skin we could eat. Almost.

The Obama administration discontinued the program, but there’s no turning back once you’ve had the taste. Brennan knows the flavor of skin. We all do. Each flensing is a paean to our ageless master’s vision. In that vision, our children grow up in a world without terror or free will.

The rites must be preserved. Now that High Cleric Cheney has shown us the way, no executive order can stop the harvest. The agency needs the flesh of the weak to weave the tapestry of a new, safer America. For you.

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