Extra Evil: Robert Frost Misquotes

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Today’s Fortune:  Surrender your right to party.


Inflation’s eye opened in the last scene.

Lindsay Graham’s enthusiasm for state’s rights evaporated.

Twenty-first century humans asked for royal deference.

Ukraine gets to stay on maps.

American life expectancy went down to Monday.

NASA’s moon rocket might launch by my birthday.

War Journal

Next Friday, I’ll be thirty-one. Not a bad number. Enough independence to travel alone, enough strength to survive rows with bad form. I’ll take that.


Scratch that about surviving. Just when I’d recovered from Kolkatan water, my back went into open rebellion. It wants me to concede a shoulder and at least half a buttock before I’m allowed to lift anything.


I’m a big believer in trying things out. Mediums, projects, diversions, etc. It’s why my body of work looks as odd and diffuse as it does: I’m not convinced your persona is set until you’re buried. Even then, they might find something under your mattress that changes the tone.

Unfortunately, some collabs fell through this year. Most notably a prank riffing on the Republican CRT push that I was deeply proud of. Along with a nascent comic, a medium I’ve tried to tiptoe into since escaping elementary school. I’m hoping that Weeaboo Hell doesn’t join that list, but Sam’s tied up.

Still, the science experiments aren’t over. I look forward to failing more visibly and entertainingly in my new year on the planet. Thank Hlodin I never tried YouTube novelty songs.


RRR and Prey provided me immense amounts of fresh joy. I’m a lifelong action movie consumer and defender, and these made it feel worthwhile. I’d still trade a kneecap for a third The Raid.


I can ollie now.  I finally look like a fossil getting out of skating instead of into it.

The Present

Mark Millar’s Nemesis still exists, and I’m ready to ruin your week explaining it.


There’s been nice feedback on this Exclusive Evil article. Hopefully it reflects reality.


There’s also endorphins to be found in my previous 1-900-HOTDOG column.


Wish you could make first contact? Maye not.


Imagine the joy that Everything Abridged  could bring you..

The Past

It’s been just long enough to reflect on Sanity Inspection Grades.

The Future

I’m putting up a prank today, ideally. We’ll see how it rolls.


Mysterious Project X remains in the judgement of others.


My next column is coming along. Get hyped.


Mysterious Project Y will be done when it’s done.

One Sentence Reviews

Ice Cream Man, Vol. 1: Hell yeah. (4/5)

Prey: Hell yeah! (4.5/5)


Plutocracy: The graphic novel, not the system. (3/5)

I Hate Fairyland (Vol. 1): Inspired cartooning stapled to comedy that never quite makes it. (3/5)

I Hate Fairlyand (Vol. 2): It remains so. (3/5)

Signing off

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