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Today’s Fortune:  Don’t trust last week’s fortune.


It’s time to check off the boxes next to the names.

Saudi Arabia pulled the football again.

Another Prime Minister presumably resigned.

Your delayed train is watching you.

Neanderthal family fossils were unearthed by their killers.

The sun did a half shift.

Today’s Mood

War Journal

Last week’s email accidentally repeated a segment. This week, I’ve learned how to use a computer.


One physical therapy exercise involves dangling from a bar like a lazy monkey and swinging from side to side. I can’t do it without laughing. It’s honestly the best mood stabilizer I could ask for.


A ways back on 1-900-HOTDOG, I wrote a column about H.P. Lovecraft. Specifically, his third most racist story.

Amazingly, it only set off one commenter. Which speaks to the quality of the community. They have a rare levity and insight.

Despite beating expectations, I found myself thinking about that one user. I’d never abandon the point. But a demented part of me wonders, if I was X% funnier, if he might have absorbed something.

I’d love to say something about uniting people, but it’s really just pride. I’d like to be funny enough to make an imperial wizard say “well-played.”

Next time.


I’m not sure what head blow led to me getting an Alienware, but the sound card’s already died. Don’t repeat my mistakes. Break the GamerBox 3000 cycle.

The Present

Everything Abridged readers have no carbon footprint.


This plagiarized comic  was a fine excuse to laugh at Kiss.


Avoid the fate of the  lesser main characters of Twitter.


A little fun at Bill Maher’s expense,


A little fun at elevators’ expense.

The Past

In the spring, there was a crazy incident where I wrote a book.

The Future

Two different articles on my favorite whipping boy in the near future.


I have the seed of a stunt idea. it would involve a lot legwork, so I’m torn.


Book Two, eventually.

One Sentence Reviews

The Messenger by Charles Wright: Honestly instructive. (4.5/5)

Andor (1-7): A fun spy drama likely to dazzle audiences by not being Episode 9. (3.5/5)

Open Question

What’s one life worth?

Signing off

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