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Today’s Fortune:  Hell’s full, go nuts.


CNN sold to Discovery in body, but Fox in spirit.

Trump denied reading anything worth leaking.

Juul “Shadow the Hedgehog Rebellion Sticks” may have been marketed to minors.

Europe razed ancient trees to protect the environment.

Congress added paperwork to making more money in China.

Britain found another Prime Minister committed to time travel.

War Journal

I’m back in the teaching trenches. One day, I’ll finally get used to addressing a room masked like a Foot Clan ninja. Then the virus will dissipate, just to waste my labor.


I hear uplifting speculation about meeting one’s teenage self. My meeting would be less inspiring.

“Are your targets memorized?”

“Bro, you know I can’t get a rocket launcher.”

“Are your targets memorized?”

“The hell did the Apprentice crew do to anyone?”

“Are your targets memorized?”

“I like Discovery. They make shows about pandas.”

“Are your targets memorized?”

“Alright, Dad’s on this list. I’m game.”


I’ve rolled my eyes through a lot of half-baked digital wisdom. But there’s one tidbit I’d like to bring back.

Around March, “We all went insane last year, and should give each other some rope” was the parrot quote of the month. Then, when the world needed it most, it disappeared.

Let’s revisit that idea. Make it a new, leading cliche. It’ll improve your day.

The Present

You there, smiling. Stop that. It’s time to remember Mark Millar’s Nemesis.


Have a new Exclusive Evil exclusive. An awkward sentence I’ve doomed myself to repeat for years.


There’s also endorphins to be found in my previous 1-900-HOTDOG column.


First contact would have a few side effects.


I still think you should read Everything Abridged .

The Past

Here’s how you can save democracy. Yup.

The Future

Mysterious Project X survived the first round of the hell-gauntlet of making it exist.


There’s a New Yorker bit in the pipeline, dozing gently. No idea when it’ll be out.


Mysterious Project Y is coming slowly.


I haven’t forgotten the comic poll, I just need to lay some groundwork.

One Sentence Reviews

Prey: Hell. Yeah. (4.5/5)

AEW – All Out 2022: The Acclaimed could make me smile at an execution. (3.5/5)

Nemesis: I’m so happy this trash exists. (1.5/5)

Signing off

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