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The Dennard Dayle Newsletter
November 24,
“Big Iron”


Don’t forget to study for tomorrow’s arguments.

NASA test-launched an anti-asteroid ship to prevent sequels to “Don’t Look Up.”

A federal jury declared Wal-Mart guilty of pillaging out every small town in America and bathing in the ashes. And selling opioids.

Kyle Rittenhouse became the youngest patriot in history to earn his hood.

Apple sued a surveillance technology company for nothing of interest, keep scrolling.

Afghanistan’s probably fine.

War Journal

My Fallout: New Vegas retread continues. I’ve finished Honest Hearts, which I loved, but feel torn about the critical choice. I think portraying the resettlement option as anything but a half-suicide might be a touch ahistorical. Granted, I don’t know how that path unfolds, because I put the boots to everyone that looks at my character cross-eyed. But it’s framed as a quandary with two valid options.


Aging’s odd. I’ve just been dumped, but don’t feel the urge to throw an entertaining meltdown. I recognize this as a creative failure, and apologize to fans of spectacle. Next time I’ll give you something worth looking at.

The Present

On this week’s Weeaboo Hell, we talked about Komi-san Can’t Communicate. It’s an insult to the idea of images on paper.


Jake and I are still plastering Climate Apocalypse Survival Tips everywhere we’re allowed, and several places we aren’t. Keep your eyes peeled for fun.


Quickee Dune Parody. I like having fun.

The Past

The vaccination drive wasn’t my first pandemic stunt. Before that, we had the much, much funnier SpreadCon. Read about it, and grow together.

The Future

Rumor has it that Everything Abridged is flawless. I wrote it, so you know I’m unbiased.


In the near future, I’ll be putting the aforementioned boots to Bluehost.


I have a gag comic coming. I’ve always been a huge fan of comics like Chainsawsuit and Perry Bible Fellowship, and I look forward to ripping them off with vigor.


The short video project has evolved from pre-preproduction to preproduction. Get excited.

One Sentence Reviews

The Fearless Hyena: Martial greatness loaded with filler. (4/5)

Inside Job: Methadone Falls. (3.5/5)

Komi-San Can’t Communicate: The worst thing I’ve read for the podcast in a long time. (1/5)

Signing off

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