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Today’s Fortune: Editing dilutes your vision.

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The Dennard Dayle Newsletter
November 17,
“Extra Judicial”


Jerry mandered.

A 2019 airstrike killed over sixty [REDACTED].

Elon Musk made enough money to clone Grimes.

Kyle Rittenhouse’s judge offered to drive him to the next shooting.

Belarus and Poland traded volleys of migrants by catapult.

I had a nice breakfast. Not very important, but this section looked depressing.

War Journal

I think Fallout: New Vegas may have promoted itself into my top ten. Replaying it is a genuine joy, and I’m just touching on the DLC (which is mercifully more Brood War, less horse armor) for the first time.


The word “Web3” is on my mind. Not because I’m selling apes in hats, but because it implies three distinct eras in internet structure/culture. Whether or not blockchains ever infiltrate our lives as thoroughly as email, I think that might be a bit reductive. “Web27” would be more accurate. Every three year block of internet culture is a different asylum. A fresh new mistake.

I’ll admit, the name pokes at my personal paranoia. I acknowledged social media way, way after everyone else writing puns on the internet. I wish I was old enough to blame my age, but I’m just cantankerous. The monkey collector that coined Web3 is a genius for smelling my weakness.


I received some good publishing news that it would be incredibly unprofessional to write about here. But know that I’m smiling.

The Present

This week on Weeaboo Hell, we drift-raced down memory lane with Black Lagoon. It’s still better at what it does than I am at what I do.


I’m still coating the world with printouts of Climate Apocalypse Survival Tips. I may play around with some variant sizes.

The Past

Once upon a time, I made fake train delay notifications, and hung them around New York CIty. It led to everything you see here today.

The Future

My book’s the second coming of whatever you love. If you buy it, I’ll become a better person.


My generous thoughts on my lovely former host will soon be on Slackjaw.


I’m starting a gag comic with a very fun artist. Details to come. If you have any thoughts on the logistics of modern webcomic distribution/promotion/best practices, feel free to send them my way.


I’m in the pre-pre-production stage of a short video project. It could always implode, so I’m going light on details for now.

One Sentence Reviews

Sam Jay – 3 in the Morning: Hilarious bookends, with a soft dating-joke middle. (3.5/5)

The Lathe of Heaven: Right, that’s why I like science fiction. (5/5)

Michael Che – Shame the Devil: Violently torn between pandering and antagonism. (2.5/5)

All Elite Wrestling – Full Gear: On point. (4.5/5)

Extra Fabulous Comics: Consistently puts a grin on my face. (4/5)

Signing off

Thanks for reading Extra Evil, the newsletter I write instead of sleeping.


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