Extra Evil: In Praise of Flamewars

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Today’s Fortune:  Not everything’s on fire. Some of it’s underwater.


Rick Caruso slithered into the runoff.

Investigators learned that the coup attempt may have been a coup attempt.

Market analysts recommend hunting and gathering.

New technology may ruin the sweet release of a killer asteroid.

Daniel Defense’s CEO slept like a baby.

Two plague spinoffs promise exciting new adventures.

War Journal

Here’s a wildly irresponsible fact about me: I haven’t glanced at sales of the book yet. I know myself, and that’s a rabbit hole of infinite depth and danger.

I’ll be in it by Friday.


The law and order crowd’s getting loud again, which usually leads to me meeting local officers. I’d welcome it, if they didn’t have the charm of barbed wire. It’d be nice to be profiled by someone that could hold a conversation, or finish a Dr. Seuss book. This would be my main reform issue, if it weren’t for all the battery.


I used to love reading flamewars. I also do now, in the present, but that opening makes me sound human.

I don’t just mean arguments about The Issues. I could read a twenty page BBS slapfight about origami. No matter how esoteric the topics get, every flamewar’s easy to understand. It’s simply an echo of human inadequacy.

That hobby might seem cruel, due to the cruelty. But it’s also cured me of all online aggression. I’ve  learned that there’s no way to win.


Life’s currently a loop of writing, Elden Ring, and wheezing cardio. Paradise.

The Present

Me write pretty book.


I’m in the fancy print New Yorker this time.


Humans of New York seem to enjoy “There Is No CIA.”


I’m still not a big crypto fan.


I gave the images in this 1-900-HOTDOG piece extra love.


More of you should read this.

The Past

I love this newsletter exclusive, so I’m hyping it again.

The Future

I had a somewhat frustrating recent setback. But I sold a bunker-buster article about it, so I’ll call it even. You should get a link here in due time.


The documentary is looking for a home. Hopefully it works out, I think there’s a lot to love in it.


I have another HOTDOG feature in the works. I hope you like punching.

One Sentence Reviews

Top Gun: Maverick:  Note that our Air Force’s nightmare is an enemy that can shoot back. (3/5)

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel (Season 4): Charm duels self-indulgence to the death and wins. (4/5)

Friends Who Kill: Starts strong, implodes. (2.5/5)

Bill Burr – Walk Your Way Out: Contains a perfect story. (4.5/5)

Jim Jefferies – This is Me Now: A fine reminder that I’m not as smart as I think I am. (4.5/5)

Open Question

What keeps you sane?

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