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Today’s Fortune: It’s easier to gamble with someone else’s wallet.


The third shooting ruined my line for the second.

North Korea did the North Korea thing.

Southern Baptists defended the Pharisees.

Your senator promised to shrug with extra oomph.

The Fifth Circuit Court said we have two branches of government.

The perfect book is here.

War Journal

The book’s finally here. Thank you to every reader, supporter, and mafia fixer that made this possible.


An announcement: I’m now a monthly columnist at 1-900-HOTDOG. As a twenty-year fan of this evolutionary branch of comedy, I’m stunned. Don’t let them know that, I’m trying to look cool.

It’s a double miracle, since my goal for 2021 was getting a regular column somewhere. So this feels like a boomerang coming back covered in lottery numbers.


I’m rebuilding a bit of flexibility. My knee’s starting to work like a human knee, so I’m planning one last stab at the flips and spins soon.

Why? With writing going a little better, I need to retain the sweet smell of failure.


I really want to get back to Elden Ring. I’m staring at my overpriced gaming laptop like a long-lost lover. But my tiny work laptop won’t let me go.

The Present

The “There Is No CIA” stunt was an incredible amount of fun.


Enjoy my take on the crypto situation.


This article marks my start as a 1-900-HOTDOG columnist. Absorb its madness.


I dumped all my opinions into a Clarkesworld Interview.


LitHub was kind enough to ask me to write a list.

The Past

I’ll never let go of SpreadCon.

The Future


One Sentence Reviews

Manifest Destiny – Vol. 1: Feels a bit like it’s on autopilot. (3/5)

Meshuggah – I: Still owns space in my subconscious. (4.5/5)

Baki – Son of Ogre: Who knew genius doesn’t need to be intelligent? (4/5)

Everything Abridged: It makes you taller. (5/5)

The NYPD: Consider scarecrows. (1/5)

Open Question

What’s your favorite fictional species?

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