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Today’s Fortune: Doomsday preppers have a point.

Extra Evil
The Dennard Dayle Newsletter
January 12, 2022

“Live from New York”


The plucky new variant showed the arrogant old guard how to fill a hospital.

BBC protests led to statements from both the network and NAACP.

I wrote, weighed, and abandoned a career-ending Betty White joke.

Congress vowed to decide whether black votes count.

The Metaverse looks less like Snow Crash, and more like a Virtual Boy.

Two NYC police ethics watchdogs went to a nice farm upstate.

War Journal

Double-masking clicked when l I stepped back onto a New York subway. In there, I’d consider an oxygen tank.


There’s a Fallout TV series coming, and I’m not involved. Undeniable proof that I’ve screwed up my life. From now on, I promise to do better.


Is this the golden age of stalking, or the nadir? I imagine that the physical effort was part of the charm. I can’t imagine an Instagram archive binge has the workmanlike appeal of a good crawl through the bushes.


I’m reading The Count of Monte Cristo and loving it. I probably should have read it at some point across two Ivy League degrees, but that’s a question for the people in charge.

The Present

I’m running a mock-text adventure on Twitter called Space Vengeance – Retaliation. If it looks like The Count of Monte Cristo, your eyes are lying to you.


Sam and I are still reading and discussing all of Naruto in seventy chapter spurts. Part 2 up later today.


Remember the lashes and arrows of college applications? Here’s My Soul in 600 Words or Less riffs on that irritation. The New Yorker took it, which I still have trouble believing.

 The Past

I made a fake convention for SuperSpreaders back in 2020. We’ve reenacted it a few times in reality.

The Future

There’s now a proper book page for Everything Abridged. Hopefully I haven’t misspelled my own name or left anything essential out, but we’ll see.


Overcame a minor hurdle on the eternally mysterious video. The footage exists, we’re just cleaning ourselves up.


The ever ambiguous posters are theoretically back in development, with a new art wizard. We’ll see if I can dribble that across the finish line.


Put together a placeholder version of the site for the comic. If you want to see a beta layout without content, here you go.


Honestly, I have a dozen articles and stories written out. Selling them, however, is a bit of a challenge.

One Sentence Reviews

Sherrod Allman – Folk Songs for the 21st Century: I thought this would be a one-hit wonder, but it’s actually a six-hit wonded. (4/5)

I Remember (Perec): Brilliance doesn’t mean you can’t get boring. (3/5)

Drive: Ah, that’s why Synthwave blew up. (4/5)

Letters From Wendy’s: Remains a foundational scroll of Dayle Style. (5/5)

Signing off

Thanks for reading Extra Evil, the newsletter that’s already dead.


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