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Today’s Fortune: Don’t fistfight Michael Myers.

Extra Evil
The Dennard Dayle Newsletter
November 3,
“More Tricks Than Treats”


Eric Adams’s retirement plan is secure.

Your grandmother will be radicalized in VR.

The climate summit generated more hot air.

The arms race took another lap.

Amazon and SpaceX launched competing future collisions.

The New Yorker wasted two pages on some dork.

War Journal

The New Yorker ran a feature on my latest stunt. Fun times, but I wish I came up with pranks that required less legwork. I’ve walked more this week than Lewis and Clark did in their lives.


A small request to my more reactionary visitors: spice up the hate mail. I’m a huge fan of the response columns internet comedy writers used to run (think Maddox, or peak SomethingAwful). But there’s not much I can do with sixteen misspellings of the same slur.


My site didn’t crash as success set in this time, so I guess the hosting change worked out.

The Present

Remember that interview? Here’s the prank they’re talking about. This time the Curtis Sliwa poster’s my favorite, though the Eric Adams coupon is probably the sharpest proper joke.

The Past

If you think I’m done shilling my first New Yorker piece yet, you’ve lost your mind. By the way, small spoiler: note the word “first.”

The Future

Five short months left until my book becomes real. If you preorder it, my publisher will let me out of the cage.


I’ve moved three short satire pieces. I’ll be posting the links as they appear in the wild. No word yet on the science fiction short, but I’m optimistic about it.


Eight or so days until my project with illustrator Jake Lane explodes onto an unsuspecting population.

One Sentence Reviews

Dune (Film): They had a choice between bloat and not making sense, and they wisely chose the latter. (3.5/5)

Jessica Kirson – Talking to Myself: Virtuoso hilarity, with a little recycling. (4.5/5)

Blood on the Tracks: Christ. (4/5)

Halloween Kills: I retroactively appreciate the work past installments put into making Meyers’s slow walk less hilarious. (1/5)

Signing off

Thanks for reading Extra Evil, the newsletter that forgot to make a costume.