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Today’s Fortune: It’s not too late to follow your dreams and bring two-fisted justice to the city streets.

Extra Evil
The Dennard Dayle Newsletter
October 6,
“The Setup”


Nonprofit president Jack Brown III brought diversity to stealing money from the homeless.

A whistleblower testified that Facebook serves Mammon, the gold-toothed and diamond-groined daemon of coin-lust.

The House delayed a vote on the sinkhole opening behind you.

Missouri executed a mental child, deterring a copycat from losing a fifth of his brain.

A California man sued a psychic over a curse, shortly before dissolving into wisps of green smoke.

The planet seeped closer to irreversible deals on a brand-new Dodge Ram.

War Journal

I’m lying here, watching sand drip out of an hourglass. Next week, something I didn’t imagine  without a miracle or life-changing amounts of money changing hands happens. I want it to be a surprise, so I’m being painfully vague here. But thank you for any support you’ve ever given my overcomplicated brand of comedy/literature/street art/neurosurgery.

In short, I can’t wait.


Small note for the fitness heads: I can do real archer pull-ups now.

The Present

This week on Weeaboo Hell, the second half of our Star Wars: Visions conversation. This one isn’t split in two because my co-host’s off in Austin. It’s split in two because I’m lazier than a Hutt.

The Past

After The New York Times gave up on keeping my subscription and published Tom Cotton’s general call for American History X curb-stompings, I wrote a riff on the situation for Hard Drive.

The Future

Every day, my book draws nearer. If we’re to survive its wrath, we must shield ourselves with preorders.


The next prank’s a climate change riff, that I’m very proud of the style and content of.

One Sentence Reviews

Palm Springs: I only get to blow “I wish I wrote this” once a year, and I’m using it here. (5/5)

Bodied: A fixation on 20-year old observations on rap and poetry fails to dim the joy every second of battle rapping gives me. (4/5)

At Home With Amy Sedaris, Season One: I dig replacing quiet desperation with screaming desperation. (4/5)

Signing off

Thanks for reading Extra Evil, the newsletter banned in Saudi Arabia.



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