Injustice For All, Part Twenty-One

As a dog returns to his own vomit, so the fool returns to his folly.We don't actually see this guy do anything. For all we know, he's just guilty of bad fashion choices.In Batman's defense, the moral high ground gets boring. Imagine being as good at anything as Hawkgirl is at jobbing. Huntress's mask gets a little pointier every year. Check those shoulder muscles out. He probably just wanted to talk.I had a teacher like her once. Or a nightmare. High School was a long time ago."Brood-mare" is an automatically funny word in my head. She also does kid's parties. Bravery and stupidity rhyme. Not a great day for the Imperial Guard. Man, Broad City got weird later on. I'm taking on some brave targets today folks. No prisoners. I can't believe I haven't done one of these in two years. Was another Ivy League degree worth it? Truly? Yes. But I missed you guys. A good team's all about compromise. "Victor Hugo? Victor Von Doom? It's on the tip of my tongue." Robot Batman always has a plan. As long as you keep him well-oiled. Is this alien Hawkgirl or ancient Egyptian Hawkgirl? Does it even matter? Seems legit. Glad to be back.


Source Comic: Injustice, Issue 21

Thoughts on the Original: How are there five years of this comic? How am I editing it again? When will death come?




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  1. When I saw the dates for your first Injustice edits, I worried that this was an abandoned blog. When I saw other stuff you’ve done with Reloaded Comics (ESPECIALLY “The Woman in the Mirror” and “Operation Wakandan Freedom), I started to really worry. Glad that you’re still around! You have a new fan.

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