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Today’s Fortune:  Don’t trust next week’s fortune.


You don’t have to learn more about Liz Truss.

Taiwan bought a ring doorbell and a guard dog.

Bret Stephens attempted satire, and is expected to make a full recovery.

1776 came for Hamilton money and found Hamilton backlash.

Successful human brain cell transplants made rats dumber.

Peter Thiel may not be an upstanding citizen.

War Journal

I’m back to running, jumping, and falling normally. The next time something breaks, I promise to make it more exciting. Maybe dancing in traffic?


I took another booster, and this time I felt the change.  The Communism has seized control of my mind, heart, and soul. My flesh is a machine with one purpose: destroying the nuclear family and detonating the nuclear stockpile. I’m halfway towards one goal.


The candle’s burning at both ends this week. I think I need to pick one aspect of life, and let it slide. A little character-boosting failure would be healthier than professional insomnia


Physical therapy is delivering. The doctor’s excellent: I think the hovering threat of an endless army of chiropractic con men keeps her sharp.

The Present

Gene Simmons’s son writes vampire comics,  and that’s not the weird part. Read my perfect column to learn more.


I’m earnestly proud of this Twitter warfare riff in The New Yorker.


 This book looks cool.


Bill Maher generally isn’t,


Here’s a scene from every office building in America.

The Past

I was in a mood when I wrote this.

The Future

I got scooped on the premise of a fiction piece, so I may just put it out for free. I’ll consult the sages.


Putting out feelers to illustrators for an old comic idea. We’ll see if anyone steps on the mousetrap.

One Sentence Reviews

The Bansenshūkai: More on this soon. (4/5)

Quantum and Woody – The Complete Classic Omnibus: Owns the sentence “amusingly aged slapstick racial superhero comedy.” (3/5)

A Key to the Lock (Alexander Pope): A guide to lambasting critics without landing on your face. (3.5/5)

Open Question

What would you tell God?

Signing off

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