A Comprehensive List of Avatars

Avatar Kimura: Charged an exorbitant fee for every act of heroism. This bankrupted the Southern Water Tribe, forcing them to sell their towering spires and move into ice hovels.

Avatar Cortez: Restored balance to the ring by unmasking notorious chi-blocking Luchador Juan “The Bull” Vasquez.

Avatar Aang: Found molding someone’s soul to his whim preferable to lethal force.

Avatar Rai: Declared himself God King of the Northern Water Tribe. Enjoyed a hundred years of tyranny before choking on roast bison flank. Asked to be remembered as a martyr.

Avatar Cletus: The second Foggy Swamp Tribe Avatar, and the first to not be inbred.

Avatar Shiro: Put the “terror” in eco-terrorism.

Avatar Kyoshi: When a problem couldn’t be solved with violence, she used more violence.

Avatar Kuruk: Useless. The Warren G. Harding of messianic kung-fu mages.

Avatar Tao: The first and last sharkbender.

Avatar Ran: Controversial. Bloodbent his foes until they “stopped hitting themselves.”

Avatar Wang: Bent the Earth away from a collision course with Sozin’s comet, then took the rest of his life off.

Avatar Roku: Teamkilled.

Avatar Ishida: A street magician of note whose career was ruined when he obtained legitimate magical power.

Avatar Jeong: Invented vodkabending and died of liver failure one week later.

Avatar Yangchen: A pacifist with a two-digit body count.

Avatar Kaneda: Used Avatar status less for saving the world and more for impressing women.

Avatar Korra: Ground non-benders back into the dirt where they belong.

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