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The Dennard Dayle Newsletter
January 5, 2022

“Loading Screen”


It’s all fixed now.

OpenSea’s value reached 13 billion, then 2, then 7.

If you say Omicron three times in the mirror, a doctor quits.

BlackBerries were still in service, it seems.

We may terraform Mars just in time for the first warmechs to roll out.

About half of resolutions made it to January 2.

War Journal

Patience doesn’t come naturally to me. Everything I’m working on is in the “waiting” stage, so I’m bouncing off every wall in my home. It’s a flaw I’ve tried to work on, but that takes time.


A Jerry Seinfeld documentary recommended writing a joke a day, and that advice saved my life. The joke doesn’t have to be good, or useful. But the act gives me the illusion of discipline, and more confidence in my creative development than any publication.

I’m pretty sure that’s what Twitter was intended for. But we can keep the public executions going until then.


On a completely different note, I’m still watching Seinfeld. Hitting “The Bet” taught me that you’re all thieves! Thieves! Send Larry David his money. Yes, more.


Someone suggested that I’m not around my four nephews enough. I learned that there are four of them.

The Present

Sam and I decided to try something ambitious on Weeaboo Hell. We’re reading and discussing all of Naruto in seventy chapter spurts, until we finish it or go mad. If it’s the latter, burn my things.


My New Yorker riff Here’s My Soul in 600 Words or Less is popular among the well-adjusted. That’s rare for me, so I’m enjoying the moment.

 The Past

I photoshopped old comic book ads on occasion.

The Future

Oh my sweet Everything Abridged, how can I preorder thee? Let me count the ways…


Video project progressing, despite my tendency to stare directly into the camera like a caveman.


The posters hit a brick wall. Starting over with a new partner, maybe. Sorry about that.


Gag comic limping along. Expecting a January launch.

One Sentence Reviews

Paper Girls, Vol. 1: Seems like this could go places. (3.5/5)

Paper Girls, Vol. 2: It went places! (4/5)

Don’t Look Up: A parable about distraction from climate change by celebrity bullshit and political point scoring that gets distracted from climate change by celebrity bullshit and political point scoring. (1.5/5)

Hawkeye Season One: Great/awful/okay/pretty good. (3/5)

Signing off

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