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Today’s Fortune:  Show your love in song.


Donald Trump may have committed a legally dubious action.

You get to argue about an Emmet Till trial at work.

A meteor shower will let you forget, just for a little bit.

The Artemis 2 mission inches closer to launching the Last Son of Earth off-planet.

Republicans cut “law and order” down to “and.”

Vince McMahon may have committed a legally dubious action.

War Journal

I’m burning both ends towards the middle writing, and it’s great. That’s not a joke: I’ve have trouble firebending lately, and the eclipse is finally over.

Within this metaphor, I suppose a creative surge is the annihilation of the Earth Kingdom? It’s been too long since a writer caused a civilization-wide disaster. It’ll be hard to compete with holy books, but I’ll do my best.


Reading a New York Post article is a mistake. But my brain and soul are well-calloused. They weren’t, however, ready for the comments. No one is. It’s one of those Lovecraft climaxes where everything begins with un- or in-. A spiral staircase of stupidity leading to the first moron.


You know all that whinging about Twitter I’ve been doing? I’ve actually coalesced it into a fun idea. Go me. I can’t wait to share it on Twitter.

Now that it doesn’t feel like desperate flailing, I may actually dip a toe into TikTok again. I’ll likely burn like it’s holy water, but we’ll see.


Enjoy this pointedly dumb book plug:

The Present

Buying Everything Abridged will make you happy-ish. Half-happy, or demi-happy if you prefer. Enough for a boost, not enough to be annoying.


I refuse to bear the knowled of i tell c alone.


My Modern Love reject is still an open source of embarassment.


 Let’s have dead men make all our choices.

The Past

In elementary school, I reached for a quarter, and got my arm stuck in a fence for three hours. That’s funnier than anything I’ve written in the past.

The Future

“We wait.”


Some exciting publishing news in a few months.


I have a fun article coming for comic fans.

One Sentence Reviews

Bodies Bodies Bodies: Give it time. (3/5)

Battle Cry of Freedom – The Civil War Era: Good luck turning this into a country. (5/5)

Bullet Train: Me like shiny colors and punchy men. (4/5)

Elmhurst (Han Ong): Familiar preoccupations, freshly written. (4/5)

Open Question

What’s the new national anthem?

Signing off

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