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Today’s Fortune:  Breaking mirrors improves luck now. Get smashing.


A new House committee melts tax money into headlines.

California screened previews of upcoming global weather.

Vince McMahon threw his daughter off the cell.

One of the gold statue shows happened.

Bolsonaro’s band covered their favorite song.

Zika didn’t disappear with attention spans.

Today’s Mood

War Journal

I just escaped the underworld of roommate hunting in New York. My best advice? Start a new life elsewhere. You’ll have an easier time.

I kept a standard journal for a time. That effort collapsed in favor of this section, comedy notes, my share of the social media kraken, acknowledging autobiographical writing exists, and a general lack of introspection. So it goes.

Now I’m thinking of crawling back and saying I can change. There’s something special about a record no other animal touches. With the amount of myself I put out there, it’d be nice to have a few pages where hack jokes, whining, and moral depravity are welcome.

Until, of course, I mine it for publication. I don’t have kids to feed, but I spend like someone that does.

I know the Match Group experiments on us for profit, but I’m surprised that they don’t do more for fun. A chokehold on a generation’s dating habits is a special thing, why not enjoy the moment? Add a comment section for a week. Put a meaningless number above every user’s head. Replace it with their body count a week later. The possibilities are endless.

I haven’t fixed my sleep timing (it’s a beautiful sunrise), but I’ve fixed the amount. I can live with that. Maybe I’ll take a vacation on the other side of the planet, for a small reminder of how humans live.

The Present

I wrote a short about our national fetish.

Dystopian authors are mad as hell, and won’t take it anymore.

Imagine five premium 1-900-HOTDOG  articles for free.

This skateboarding apocalypse is my new favorite New Yorker riff.

I hear that Everything Abridged is a fun read.

The Past

My first 1-900-HOTDOG contribution.

The Future

Live in Eric Adams’s fiefdom? You can see me in person at Greenlight Books on the 24th.

The writing goes slowly. But it goes.

The next HOTDOG column is pure delirium.

One Sentence Reviews

Into the Breach: Digital coke. (5/5)

Ice Cream Man, Vol. 4: I promise I’m not scoring it by volume. (4/5)

Al Madrigal – Shrimpin’ Ain’t Easy: More for the peaks. (3.5/5)

Santino – Cheeseburger: A limp tour of jokes you’ve heard before. (1.5/5)

Jenna Friedman – Ladykiller: A curated tour of jokes you’ve heard before. (2.5/5)

Pete Correale – For Pete’s Sake: Zzz. (1.5/5)

Russel Howard – Wonderbox: You don’t need many brain cells to be funny. (3.5/5)

Ali Wong – Don Wong:  3 before the drama, 4.5 with hilarious hindsight.

Head Lopper, Volume 1: HELL YEAH. (4.5/5)

Macrofactor: The forge of gains. (5/5)

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Signing off

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