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Today’s Fortune: Four out of five doctors buried the other one.

Extra Evil
The Dennard Dayle Newsletter
December 15,
“Holy Rolling Downhill”


Swiss suicide pods make the perfect holiday gift.

Supply chain issues made supply chain articles harder to distribute.

The Defense Bill’s passage broke the sound barrier.

We learned how Nancy Reagan delighted a generation.

A new NASA telescope inspired the next generation of sci-fi prompts.

Florida introduced a ban on numbers between 1619 and 2020.

War Journal

Excess preparation and sowing this week, which is nowhere near as fun as reaping and celebrating. In a perfect world, I’d be congratulated for past achievements at all times, while putting in zero new work. I’m told the best way to achieve this is founding a startup.


My Seinfeld rewatch continues. It’s nice watching it carve out its space in pop culture in real time. For all the Costanza impersonators, there’s only one Jason Alexander plotting interpersonal terror attacks.

The Present

You know who still sucks? Bluehost.


On Weeaboo Hell, we talked about trends in our very, very strange favorite movement. Later this week, an update about Fullmetal Alchemist characterization will be bringing you Yuletide cheer.


Still putting up the last few Climate Apocalypse Survival Tips stickers. And I promise I’ll put up the gallery of them in the wild before civilization turns into dust.

The Past

My first comic edit is a fun point in my autobiography. Slightly insane, but a lot of fun.

The Future

The coundtown to my first book Everything Abridged marches along. Into April. If you show up in March, they wont have anything for you.


I’ve got a new article in the New Yorker daily shouts coming around Saturday, and it’s not the last one. Still feels like a minor miracle.


I spent some time on camera. The results should be available by February, optimistically.

One Sentence Reviews

Spiritbox – Eternal Blue: Djent gonna djent. (3/5)

Fullmetal Alchemist (Manga reread): Can we rip this off instead of Fate?. (5/5)

Black Widow: Peaks with a beautifully stupid cover of Smells Like Teen Spirit. (2.5/5)

Signing off

Thanks for reading Extra Evil, the newsletter that has already foreseen its victory.


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