Extra Evil – Insomnia Edition

Week four of my newsletter. Brought to you by caffeine.

Today’s Fortune: Keeping your third eye open dries it out.

Extra Evil
The Dennard Dayle Newsletter
September 8,
Insomnia Edition


A giant unknown fossil has terrified science fiction fans worldwide.

To boost approval ratings, Biden is taking you out for ice cream.

The Justice Department has promised to frown very disapprovingly at Texas bounty hunting.

Michael K. Williams’s passing reminded a grieving nation to finally finish Boardwalk Empire.

Protesters in Afghanistan were treated like protestors in Afghanistan.

War Journal

Choices and circumstances have joined forces to end the tyranny of sleep. I’m running on about six hours across four days. I think I have one more week like this in me before I turn into light.


Printing costs have hit the point where I’m considering my own printer and cutting setup. Feel free to send me recommendations for machines and vendors.

The Present

I’ve stopped ignoring expert advice, and opened a merch store. The process has been entertaining so far. Mining my work for quotes made for a nice trip down memory lane.


Phase 2 of “Side Effects Include Survival” is live. The concept’s simple: putting these bad boys on the biceps of statues around New York.

We’re not short on statues around here, so I’ve already done quite a bit of legwork this week. I’m hoping that two more days of pushing gets me through my sticker supply.

I’ll upload a full gallery of decals and stickers in the wild early next week. Until then, there are intermittent updates on my assorted channels.


This week’s Weeaboo Hell was a blast, and Sam dragged actual insight out of me. We played a game I call “Imitative Fallacy,” in which we imagine series in the styles of various creators. If you listen to Part One now, you just might learn to love again.

The Past

Fun fact: I made a photoshop parody of over 400 pages of a middling DC video game tie-in. The original’s getting a movie, so feel free to catch up with my riff.

The Future

Everything Abridged is officially available for preorder. If you don’t order it, you’ll be fine. But someone else will burst into flames.


I’m working with an illustrator on my next piece of vandalism. This time, it’s not an imitation of anything. Except, well, the non-gradual death of our ecosystem.

One Sentence Reviews

AEW All Out 2021: A reminder of why I chose this hobby to begin with. (5/5)

Signing off

Thanks for reading Extra Evil, the newsletter trained and funded by the CIA.