Extra Evil – Mandatory Adulthood

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Today’s Fortune: Talking the talk is generally enough.

Extra Evil
The Dennard Dayle Newsletter
September 15,
“Mandatory Adulthood”


The Justice Department took direct action against Texas bounty hunters, making me look like an asshole for last week’s joke.

There are two conservative radio hosts left in America, and one just coughed.

There was no Met gala. You saw those photos in a fever dream.

Gavin Newsom’s heart weighed less than a feather.

North Korea launched two new missiles, providing a much-needed sense of normalcy.

Instagram’s internal research indicates it harms one in three girls’ body image, underperforming by two.

War Journal

I’m a week away from being thirty. The social contract encourages me to provide some teary-eyed navel-gazing on the matter. Unfortunately, I’ve got nothing. I’m just looking forward to drinking myself to enlightenment.

It might just be the fact that I’ve been on a strange road. Without burdening this newsletter with a full autobiography, I’ve had enough peaks of good and bad luck to fill out forty years. This birthday feels right on schedule.

The Present

Still fiddling with ideas for the merch store. It’s much more fun than I expected. I might pull one or two of my favorite Weeaboo Hell quotes, or some of the old nonsense from Reloaded Comics.


I finally, for real this time, finished the “Side Effects Include Survival” stunt. A full summary of the event, and an amusing gallery, can be found here. I regret that I only have one life to give to the New World Order.


Part 2 of our “Imitative Fallacy” game is one of the smarter episodes of Weeaboo Hell we’ve done. The concept is imagining projects in the style of a given creator. Watch us enjoy the last sparks of youthful glee and invention before sand and time swallow us.

The Past

Last week, I forgot to actually include a link to my old Injustice parody. So I’m going to go ahead and recycle that plug. This goes back to undergrad, so expect maturity to match.

The Future

Do you love me? Humanity? The future? Preserve all three by preordering Everything Abridged.


I’m shopping around a few short stories. I do that too, remember? We’ll see who bites.

One Sentence Reviews

Snotgirl, Vol. 2: Now we’re cooking. (3.5/5)

Radiant Black, Vol. 1: Pretty Good Black, Vol. 1. (3/5)

Shang-Chi: A perfect fight scene on a bus, preceded and followed by a bunch of other stuff I guess. (4/5)

Cinderella: The day that “billable star” stops being the first and last word in movie meetings, we will all grow wings and travel into the light of paradise. (0/5)

Signing off

Thanks for reading Extra Evil, the newsletter transitioning from Congress to lobbying.