Recaps of the The Masked Singer’s Final Season

On this day, we are all Bee.

S13E01: Duets. Monkey and Buffalo sing Like a Virgin.

S13E02: Robin Thicke disappears between Sea Lion’s cover of Toxic and Raccoon’s cover of Crazy Train. He returns with a pallid color and a small bottle of pills.

S13E03: Horse performs Cult of Personality without council approval. It is Horse’s last appearance.

S13E04: Beetle is John Travolta.

S13E05: Ellen Degeneres guest judges. She starts the show smiling, but her mood sours during Pufferfish’s cover of The Gambler. “Is this it?” she asks before the first break.

S13E06: Coconut puts everything into Moon River. Every humiliation, every insult, every inch down the slide into obscurity. Everything.

S13E07: Apple played an alien in Star Wars. The first one.

S13E08: Lion’s health is failing. The judges pretend not to notice, clapping through La Vida Loca. But the scent of death is on him.

S13E09: A girl in the audience waves a “Where is Horse?” sign. It is confiscated.

S13E10: The sickness has Ken Jeong. His mind, the one thing he could always rely on, is gone. “Is this the audition?” he repeats, interrupting Born This Way. “I’m a shoe-in for Pierce.”

S13E11: Wombat is a Baldwin.

S13E12: “Down with the council,” mouths the last judge. It’s a whisper in a storm of noise and light. She goes back to praising Pumpkin’s falsetto.

S13E13: They say there’s a cure. Maybe there is, maybe there isn’t. Either way, it’s too late for Penguin. She gets halfway through We’ve Got The Beat before the silence.

S13E14: Mantis is a Black Eyed Pea.

S13E15: Another crowd of Horse sympathizers. Council forces pacify them during the commercial break.

S13E16: 80’s night. Redwood Tree performs Baby Got Back in a display of loyalty to the council. He is the first to receive the vaccine.

S13E17: After the Times expose comes out, what’s left of Horse is released. There’s still some light in his eyes, but it comes from somewhere far away.

S13E18: Ruin. Nick Cannon gives the FBI everything. Half the council dies in the shootout, and the rest are arrested and indicted. Wasp covers Hey Jude.

S13E19: Koala is Nicole Richie.

S13E20: Horse wins. The audience hopes for something better. Rights. Food. Democracy. But Horse refuses to unmask, and consolidates power among the new judges. One tyrant has been traded for another.

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