Please Install Our App

We’re glad you’re enjoying our website. We worked pretty hard on it. You know what we worked harder on? The app. Please install it.

It has all of the site’s features. In fact, it pretty much is the site, so you won’t lose anything. But you’ll gain our icon on your phone’s home screen. That sounds worthwhile to us.

Have you installed it yet? No? That’s fine.

You see, we’ve invested quite a bit into the app. Just north of four hundred thousand dollars in resources, research, and billable time. That might sound like a lot, but we’re not worried. Because now we have an official app. It pays for itself.

Since the app’s free, without a single ad or in-app purchase, you might wonder how it makes money. Don’t. You have an engaging life to focus on, and we just want to help. Leave the details to us and our elegantly designed user interface. It’s optimized for phones, but should be fine on tablets.

That said, we’ll admit development made things tight in the short run. We had to sell a few floors of the office, get rid of overtime, and fire the social media team. But that’s the cost of bringing you this app. Once it takes off, we won’t even need Twitter. Think of the time that’ll save everyone.

We understand if now’s not the best time. So we’ll just remind you tomorrow, and tomorrow’s tomorrow. We can even remind you tonight, if you drop by again. There’s no need to thank us, it’s our way of giving back to you.

Just don’t hold out for too long, alright? The board was very specific about how well this app needs to do for us to survive. We’re not quite there yet, but maybe we just need one little push to keep seven hundred Seattle men and women employed. You could be that push. Or you could steal food from the mouths of children.

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