New Heights

Roger stared at his new cufflinks with a grin. They were a perfect match for the grey pinstripe suit he wore (his other birthday present to himself). The silver outline of his initials glittered in the mirror. The customization was expensive, but the effect was worthwhile. Loretta watched him from […]

Clandestine, Part Six

The Priestess’s meditation chamber had been serving as a sort of conference room for the past few weeks as the six of us; Jan, Wendy, Mae, Priestess, French and myself; had been planning ahead. We all sat on the floor in a tight circle. As I had sort of grown […]

Clandestine, Part Five

“We deserve better than this,” I said between coughs. The lights were dim, but I could make out the faces of my companions perfectly. Mae certainly looked like she agreed, but she was too modest to say anything about it. Poor girl. Recent events seemed to have knocked the extroversion […]