Reloaded Comics: Spitework was my Folly

Valentine’s Day isn’t the worst offender among corporate holidays. At least it doesn’t start two months early. Here’s your comic edit.

Spitework1 Spitework2





Updated every Monday until I care about my job.


Source Comic:  Diary Secrets 11, 1952
Thoughts on the  Original: There used to be a mountain of money in teen romance comics. You had book titles in the vein of College Romance, Exotic Romance, Young Romance, and Romantic Romances in Romanceland. These paid more than a few of Jack Kirby’s bills.

Despite the number of these titles, there were only three or so basic plots. The dominant strain was “if you  kiss more than two people, your genitals will fall off.” The original comic’s firmly in that subgenre, with a dash of retro sexism for flavor. These morality plays start with a young neer-do-well reaching over their Jesus-appointed bounduaries, and end with life stomping them in the spine for it. They age…poorly.

2 thoughts on “Reloaded Comics: Spitework was my Folly

  1. Funny…but I still miss Injustice.

    Please do another one. I miss crazy supes, psycho wonder woman and bat-dick…not to mention MS-obsessed Damian.

    Please, please do another one. I quote their lines whenever possible.

    Thanks and keep on being awesome.

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